Thankyou – Baby you can change the word

I have no doubt that by now you  would have come across the Thankyou range of products in your local Supermarket, their beautiful range of Baby,Water,Food and Body Care products really stand out not least because of their gorgeous packaging but also the amazing story behind it.

Thank you was started in 2008 by an amazing man by the name of Daniel Flynn. Together with a group of friends they launched a line of bottled water to help fund water projects. At the time over 900 Million people did not have access to safe drinking water. Something that we all take for granted on a daily basis.


Since then Thank you group have now expanded their range of products to include food,body care and most recently baby care. Thank You’s range of baby products include the most gorgeous range of body lotion,shampoo,body wash and nappies! The best part is, that 100% of profits from their baby range will go towards health services like immunisation programs and health services to mum’s and bubs in need.


My daugher and I recently got to try out the new baby range…and we are now hooked! I absolutely loved the smell of the baby lotion and wash, and it was so sensitive on my daughter’s skin – which is normally prone to irritation. Thank you nappies are now by go to! Great fit and amazing absorption. Do yourself…and a lot of other people a favour and pick yourself up one of Thankyou groups amazing products. The world will Thankyou for it.



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