From the Heart – Mum life Balance

As I sit down in my newly appointed office space (Blog post to come!) I can hear the the familiar drone of Peppa Pig coming from the lounge room…and for once no yelling or shouting!


With my children seemingly occupied (momentarily) I decide to seize the opportunity to do a quick blog post…as I ponder about what I should write about in my clean and quiet little office, a familiar pang of guilt comes over me…why am I not in there with my kids. building cubby houses,playing trains or reading books – instead i’m tucked away in my little sanctuary, my little “me space” – admittedly for a short amount of time.

I have been mum now for 5 years. And for 3 of those years I have been very much a stay at home,hands on, park every day type of  mum…and loved it!  And then something changed…not long after my daugher was born, I started to look at working Mothers with envy, especially the Mum’s doing something they loved.

I decided it was time for me to kick of my little venture and pursue something that I loved whilst still being a stay at home. Oh man has it been tricky!

Tears,take away,mum guilt and a house that was constantly a mess, processed to define the first year of being  working from home. With both kids at home full time (and under my feet) I struggled to find structure and balance in my work/mum life balance.

Practice makes perfect! I am now two years into running KB Styling and I am happy to say, that although I still have moments of guilt about not being able to give my children 100% of my attention all the time,  I have found a better balance between work me and mum me.I truly feel as though it was the right time for me to something for myself and follow my dreams.


My tips for any mums who work from home are:

Be honest with yourself!

If it’s not making you feel good anymore…stop or reassess what you are aiming for

Plan your week & day to balance time with the kids & work time!

Do what you love!

xx Kirra


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