Dulux Colour Trends for 2018

The Dulux colour trends for 2018,  are ticking all my boxes! Featuring beautiful bold colours paired with earthy grounding tones. With a strong emphasis on balance, embracing future trends and celebrating the past. Raw textures and soft neutrals will dominate complimented with luxurious greens and tropical brights.


I’m very excited to hear that Dulux predicts a trend toward a more personalised Interior style…here’s hoping this means people will embrace their personal style and really let their homes reflect their personality.


Creating an anchor and a haven from The Escapade palette plugs into this desire, with a
collection of saturated, summery brights that make you think
of tropical beaches and cocktails by the pool.

The Reflect palette celebrates 1970s glamour and 90s swagger but has been reinterpreted in an understated and thoroughly contemporary way. Think rich,
decadent green, greyed-off purple and burnt rose.


 Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr share her tips on embracing the colour trends:
Keen to introduce some on-trend brights into your home, but uncertain
where to begin? Start with a small area or a simple nook, suggests
Andrea. “Nothing transforms faster than colour and the more intense
the stronger the transformation.” Why not try:

Essential: For a subtle effect try a soft pink such as Mornington Half
paired with a neutral grey-green such as Spanish Olive.
Kinship: Make a small space pop with Very Terracotta; or, for a moodier
feel, consider a charcoal such as Ruski.
Escapade: For an exciting and unexpected combination, combine a teal
such as Bondi with a greenish yellow hue such as Pale Mustard.
Reflect: Add a touch of drama and decadence to your home with deeper
hues such as Biro Blue or Bruised Burgundy

To learn more about Dulux’s 2018 Colour Trends, examples of how they scheme
with Dulux’s Most Loved Whites, or to view the eMag visit: dulux.com.au
| @duluxaus #DuluxColourTrends2018





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