Faux Green wall with Evergreen Walls

We moved into our new Townhouse over the weekend, and although it was love at first sight when we first inspected with the house we definitely had concerns over the lack of green space. We did consider putting in a herb wall on our balcony, but hubby wasn’t convinced I could keep it alive.

As if by miracle I was contacted by the amazing Evergreen Walls, their stunning range of Artifical garden-wall products offered the perfect solution for my dismal green thumb skills.

Evergreen Walls create stunning artificial gardens to suit all spaces. Their range of vertical gardens, herb walls and ground covers not only look like the real thing but are also super affordable and very quick and easy to install. It took hubby about 20-30 mins to get our Vertical wall up.

We chose the Fern Mixed Vertical Garden for our balcony as the gorgeous lush leaves and vibrant green really create an almost oasis-like feel even though we are close to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Using four of the 1m garden panels we were able easily to secure the vertical garden onto the wall using simple brackets we picked up from Bunnings. Once it was up on the wall…wow! I could not believe the automatic impact it had on the space for relatively little effort.

To view the entire Evergreen Walls range head to their website HERE or check out their Instagram @evergreen_walls


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