Sukhi! – Ethical Rugs From Around the Globe


Sukhi’s goal is quite simple. They aim to deliver ehtically handmae rugs of very high quality.

I was lucky enought to stumble across Sukhi divine Artisian rug’udring a search for a texutred rug for my bedroom.  I’ve been a hooked ever since.

Sukhi work directly with local Artisians, which has enabled them to keep their costs low whilst still keep the amazing quality.

What I love about Sukhi, is that they ensure  good working conditions, and appropriate wages are provided to the local artisians who create these stunnig rugs.


Sukhi source and commision thier rugs from local artisians throughout India,Nepal,Morroco and Turkey.Lucky for us, they alo  ship thier rugs worldwide!


Sukhi stock an amazing array of rugs to suit all styles and needs. By purchasing a rug through Sukhi you are helping to provide support to sustainable development for local communities.


You can view the entire range here!



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